Mar 03 2020


5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Lean Startup Meetup – Improve Innovation: Know Your Creative Thinking Style

Come join us for an exciting talk by Sura Al-Naimi. It’s the simple actions that we repeat that gives us, in essence, the slight edge. Sura is committed to making simple and readily accessible the habits for productive creativity and innovation. A former Global Disney Innovation & Creativity Director, she has worked in the field since 2001, touching the elephant from different perspectives: start-up life, big company consulting at What If, Synectics World, & EatBigFish. She is currently the founder of HiHelloSura, an adjunct for the future thinking of Singularity University and she continues to consult and facilitate innovation for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Kaiser Permanente Health, Siemens, Sony Entertainment, Chick-Fil-A and FaceBook. Sura uses design thinking to empower people in their journey to express their creative potential, and tap into the power of think differently together.

Sura will be discussing innovation and your creative thinking style. Sustainable innovation, need not be an elusive unicorn. An independent IBM study shared that those who knew their FourSight Creative Thinking Preference were more effective at delivering impactful innovation.

Understand where your unique creative thinking fits into innovation, how it affects team dynamics, where you get stuck and where you can collaborate to get innovative solutions out of the door.

Complimentary pizza and drinks will be provided. Please RSVP 🙂

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Fee: $2

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