Mar 03 2020


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

POSTPONED to April. 7 – Orlando Speculative Futures Meetup

** This event has been postponed. ** New date TBD

Orlando Speculative Futures is part of a worldwide community of meetup groups for those interested in Speculative Design, Critical Design, Design Fiction, Discursive Design, Strategic Foresight and Futurism, Science Fiction and any vision or approach which involves using design as a vehicle to speculate about potential or alternate futures. We host speakers — practitioners, teachers, students, and other professionals who will be talking about work or methods in this topic. We also host workshops that will allow you to learn how to conduct and apply futures design thinking in a variety of circumstances as a method of synthesis and strategy.

Reimagining Our Tomorrows: Abundance in a Post-job Economy

There is a widespread belief that Automation, A.I., and the Gig Economy will create a future where there will be fewer and fewer jobs controlled by a handful of super-powerful corporations.

Is that really the only possible future for workers? Could we imagine a future that leverages these same digital tools to empower individuals? What would it take to create a post-job economy where opportunity is abundant and available to all?

Reimagining Our Tomorrows workshops show participants how to expand their foresight skills using collaborative narrative building. The stories we tell about the future are powerful tools for shaping the future we want. Learning how to create those stories is the critical first step toward building better tomorrows.

In this workshop, we will explore the challenges of creating a more equitable future of work in a post-job economy.

We’ll consider ways that we can use digital tools to empower individual workers in a gig economy and imagine new forms of human/machine partnerships. The narratives we create during the workshop will help us dive deeper into the issues facing future workforces and create imaginative new solutions for these problems.

Workshop facilitator Joe Tankersley is a story architect, futurist, and advocate for better tomorrows. As part of the elite Blue-Sky Studio at Walt Disney Imagineering, Joe helped establish WDIs first Strategic Foresight Program. His team explored possible futures for The Walt Disney Studios, Disney Parks and Resorts, and Walt Disney World Operations. Joe also taught hundreds of Disney cast members how to create strategic narratives.

Joe has served on the board of directors of the Association of Professional Futurists for six years. He currently sits on the board of the environmental nonprofit The Whale Centre and leads the Speculative Futures Orlando chapter. He is the author of Reimagining Our Tomorrows: Making Sure Your Future Doesn’t SUCK.


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