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Our business-centric events form a connection between event hosts and their target audience. This approach drives brand awareness, increased lead conversion, and a strong ROI for hosts by creating a brand-specific experience

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We offer a variety of space and venues to host anything from meetups to large scale conventions. Let’s showcase your brand!

Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re building partnerships and value-driven relationships with the goal of maximizing ROI for sponsorship partners.

Core Skills & Specialties

Our event management team has over 30 years of experience ranging from creatives, strategists, and production managers to digital marketers and tech developers.

Industry Meetups

Passionate about an industry, hobby, or topic? We work with you to build an event centered around your central theme, using our event marketing and social media reach to connect with your target audience. Catalyze conversation and exchange ideas with like-minded enthusiasts.

Networking Events

Our networking events are all about creating value for those that attend. Build relationships with others that can help you connect dots and move your business forward.


Ready to scale up from your 200+ person event and take things to the next level? Perhaps your large-scale event is looking for a change of scenery. We have the space to produce your landmark event of 1,000+ attendees.

Educational Seminars

Our team is passionate about providing programming that brings value to the attendees. If to advocate for an industry, topic, or cause by creating an educational event, we can make it happen.

Product Launches

Your brand is everything. Whether it is a re-brand or product launch, we will help you showcase your brand identity and engage your target audience. You won’t just receive a venue, you’ll get the team and resources that allow your brand to hit the ground running.

Hack-a-Thons/Demo Days

Our development team shares a passion for technology that we put on display with our Hackathons, Demo Days, and other tech events. We want to provide the arena for founders, startups, and developers to create and collaborate.


We specialize in business-centric events and programming that engage your target audience while generating brand awareness.

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Our event management team has over 50 years of experience ranging from creatives, strategists, and production managers to digital marketers and tech developers.

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Brand Strategy & Identity

We create events that align with your brand strategy and showcase your brand identity. Our event management team will work with you to build a detailed plan that outlines exactly what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it.

Event Design & Production

Let our team take the weight off of your shoulders. We handle all event logistics from budget planning to venue selection and vendor sourcing. Each event design is uniquely branded to strategically reach your target audience.

Brand Experience

We deliver experiences that leave your audience with a deep connection to your brand. Each event we create is catered perfectly to the brand we are working with and the message that needs to be conveyed.

Experiential Marketing

It’s 2020 — we can do more than hang banners and slap your logo on social media promotions. Our dynamic blend of event marketing and event tech create interactive experiences that won’t soon be forgotten.

Event Tech Integration

Our in-house development team specializes in using immersive technologies, such as projection mapping and augmented reality, to grab your audience’s imagination. Our event tech will allow you to showcase your brand in an entirely new way.

Social & Digital Amplification

We are focused on building valuable relationships with community leaders, politicians, advocacy groups, and local elebrities. When you create an event with our team, those relationships become yours…as well as their social media reach and digital distribution channels.

Community Testimonials

Neoware has deep experience on its team when it comes to creating and organizing special events.
Erik Deckers Pro Blog Service
I love that Neoware continues to propose novel community engagement strategies.
Michael Rosario Google Developer Group of Central Florida
The 'Neoware Studios’ experience in event management and event technology gives Orlando residents a peek at what the future of malls can look like.
Kevin Hipes Oviedo Mall General Manager

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