How PandaDoc is Saving Time, Money, and The Earth

Over the last several years, a movement to “go green” has spread through every continent, encouraging humans to be more environmentally conscious. From recycling plastic, paper, and aluminum, to driving hybrid and fully electric vehicles, to digitizing just about every normally printed item to save the trees, folks everywhere have adopted new ways of living to protect our planet. Neoware Studios is determined to be active in the world of living green, hence our use of the digital document builder and e-signing platform, PandaDoc. 

A Little Background

PandaDoc is an online document builder that companies of all sizes can use to create, share, sign, and track documents virtually. PandaDoc was created for efficiency, intending to make the process of creating and signing documents simply effortless. The sender can create a document, drag-and-drop text boxes to the specific spot in which the signer needs to sign, and process the document in seconds, eliminating the need to spend copious amounts of time creating, printing, and explaining contracts to the receiver. The software offers plenty of different templates to build whatever document you may find yourself in need of. 

Just like any service, PandaDoc comes at a cost. Strategically, they offer businesses this solution at a low cost of $49/ month for a basic plan. When thinking about the cost of paper, ink, and time spent importing signed contracts and documents into any software that your company may use, the price for this tool is quite fair. Not to mention, documents created through PandaDoc are designed to be easy to understand and review personally, eliminating the need and cost of to have a notary or legal counsel present.

Why It Works

Here at Neoware Studios, we use PandaDoc for a few different reasons…

  • We really like the earth. We think it’s a super cool place to live and we’d really like for it to stay beautiful. We’re prepared to do our part in saving as many trees as we possibly can. 
  • It’s everything we need in one place. Our onboarding documents, member contracts, investor agreements, NDA’s and anything else we could possibly need for our business can be created, sent, tracked, and signed through this platform. 
  • It saves time. We’re in the process of scaling our business, which essentially translates to “we need to save as much time and money as we can.” 
  • E-signatures are the future. We pride ourselves in being realists, and technologists. At Neoware Studios, we use the latest technology to engage members and our mall neighbors. Using PandaDoc is just another way that we’re keeping up to date with the times.
  • The security of your documents and contracts is paramount to PandaDoc. They use state-of-the-art cloud technology and are SOC type 2 certified, giving you some peace of mind knowing that your business’s information is secure. At Neoware Studios, we use Blockchain technology in our business, so naturally, we would never adopt any kind of insecure software. 

We love the simplicity of using PandaDoc. It allows us the ability to focus less on the boring necessities that come with running a business and more on the fun and interesting aspects that come with it. As we continuously scale our company, we’ll be trying all different software and platforms to see what works for us and what doesn’t. This is the process of trial and error that comes with starting any kind of business, but it’s safe to say PandaDoc is definitely working for us.