How to Establish Unique Company Culture in a Coworking Space

I could go on and on about all the sweet perks of operating your business in a coworking space. Coffee, snacks, and other refreshments included, networking opportunities for days, and the simplicity of being able to scale up when the time is right without worrying about being locked into a long-term lease. But when sharing a space with other companies, how do start-ups build their organizational culture within a community of other cultures?

Start With Your Cultural Codes

Mission first, revenue later. Make sure there is a clear understanding among you and your founding members about the values you wish to live and work by. You don’t want to be cliche with this, we all have “integrity” already. Work together with your founding members to design a set of cultural codes that are real to who you are and the mission that you wish to accomplish. This will serve as the ultimate team building exercise for your group, and will without a doubt be something they’ll be thankful to have played a role in creating. Whether you’re starting in a coworking space, a private office, or Mom and Dad’s garage, this is the foundation of everything you’re trying to build.

Personalize & Brand Your Spot Proudly

Even working in a coworking space, companies are allowed to place their branding around their dedicated workspace. You should take advantage of this and put up whatever printed items you may have that represent your business so that other members of the space know that you’re there and can maybe benefit from whatever service or product you may offer. This gives your group its own identity within the space.

Furthermore, give your employees the freedom to decorate their desk (to an appropriate extent of course) and make it their own. As long as your group has dedicated desks, allow them to personalize them to their style so that they feel comfortable and dedicated to working in their space. Studies have shown that personalizing your desk with pictures, plants, and other knick-knacks lead to an enhanced productivity level and less distraction in an open space work environment. Talk with your space’s operations or community manager first to find out what items are acceptable for your group to have on their desks.

Go Together Like Birds of a Feather

Encourage your team to attend events hosted by your coworking space, such as networking, happy hours, and seminars for business building strategies. Wear your personal company gear on these days and go together as a family who is representing your business within the space. Plan personal company outings as well for more exclusivity in building your team’s relationship.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing your organizational culture while working alongside other businesses. As a business founder, you are responsible for fostering a culture that will drive your people to want to stay, and if you build a great foundation for them, they will. When starting in a coworking space, take charge of that spot you hold, create core values with input from your group, and encourage participation that builds strong connections and rapport. By practicing this kind of culture now, while your circle is small, it will make for a strong foundation as the company expands.

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