How To Scale With A Little Help From Google

We’ve all grown to love and rely on google. It’s become a part of our everyday lives on a massive scale. The popular search engine leverages billions of searches in a single day, making it the world’s most visited website. But what was once just a search engine, has now developed into a collection of over 250 different products and services. One of these, the magical Google Drive, is used on a daily basis at Neoware Studios. Drive allows for the user-friendly creation and storage of any and all documents, all at no cost to consumers.

Time is Money, and Money is Time

Google Drive gives Microsoft Office 365 a run for its money…literally. Whether you’re using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or any of the other useful Drive Applications, you have access to the same capabilities as Office 365, without the steep $150 hit to your bank account. As long as you have a Google email account, you have access to 15GB of storage at no cost using the Drive cloud. For a low monthly rate, you can upgrade your Google Drive account to include more storage and features. As we continue to embark on this journey of scaling our business, we remain aware of the importance of utilizing as many low-cost resources as we can to get the job done. In using such low-cost resources, we help other businesses scale by being able to offer affordable office space.

At Neoware Studios, Drive is used for a number of different tasks like blogging, writing and storing SOP’s, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and much more. All of our appointments and events are stored in the Google Calendar, which we can then add to our company Slack workspace. This allows for easy access to our private calendar for Neoware Studios employees, and our public events calendar for everyone working in the space. Using this shared calendar, you’ll save time and improve productivity for yourself and your team as you’ll never need to contact anyone one-by-one again. All important meetings with your team are right there in the calendar for them to refer to at any time.

Simplicity and Security

Since it is web-based, you can access your Drive from anywhere without needed to save anything to a USB or emailing it to yourself before logging out of another computer. If you’re writing a document on a work-based computer and know you want to continue it at home later, simply log into your Drive at home and the document will be right there for you to continue editing. This eliminates the old school (and as a millennial I use that term lightly) need to save the document to a USB or email the document to yourself. Everything in drive auto-saves, easing the anxiety of possibly losing part of your work.

Hate Group Work? Think Again

Finally, I get to bring up my favorite topic. If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you already know that collaboration is incredibly valued at Neoware Studios. Google Drive is a tremendous collaboration tool. Sharing documents, sheets, slides and more is how we get $h!t done together. We encourage each other to share, read, and communicate through Drive to give feedback and offer suggestions to create perfectly executed projects. Google Drive has made collaborating with others effortless and efficient, steering even the people who hate group projects toward a more positive and inclusive attitude.

Google Drive has reshaped the way we get work done. Gone are the days of using overpriced word processors and external USB drives to save work. Google Drive is our one-stop-shop for creating and storing work, as well as collaboration and organization. Using this tool is helping us scale our business by allowing us the ability to work from anywhere, store our work in a secure cloud, and work together using an array of actionable applications.

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