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Your digital content is important, that's why we created NeoTrust. A program designed to leverage the most cutting edge technology in security and verification. NeoTrust is constantly evolving to enhance the user experience and benefits of the platform. Sign up to stay up to date on the latest news on NeoTrust development.

Why NeoTrust?

Blockchain has become more buzz than value. With NeoTrust, see first hand how you can protect your files. From important documents, source code, or any other digital content, secure your company's assets. Members of NeoWare Studios will all receive the NeoTrust platform 100% free upon release. See first hand how NeoTrust works by trying the demo today.

Unique/Secure IDs

Differentiate yourself from others using secure IDs leverage blockchain created private keys.

Create Verifiable Files

When published your files will be time-stamped, given a unique identifier number, and verify the author.

Publish to the Blockchain

Uploading your files on NeoTrust means the transaction is forever on the blockchain.

File Storage

Save your files the way you choose through our provided database storage options.

NeoTrust In Action

Interested in what NeoTrust can do for you? Try out NeoTrust below. We are focused on the continued development of a simplistic way for individuals and companies to store their files securely.