Create a reward based system for your business

Track user analytics and location of use

Engage your audience with Augmented Reality

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With NeoVu take your customers to the next level of marketing and engagement. With a collection of forward-facing features, be on the cutting edge of analytics, gamification, AR, and more.

Why Use NeoVu?

With this application, business owners are able to easily give their clients a multitude of options based on their created Vu. From showcasing a product in Augmented Reality to giving a client redeemable points every time they enter your store. NeoVu is focused on creating a gamified and engaging experience for businesses of all sizes.

Keep Things Simple

Focused on delivering business owners and users a great experience, we have created NeoVu. Readily available on both iOS and Android, the application is highly accessible and easy to use. With a simple user interface designed from the ground up, anyone can get to the Vu they are looking for within seconds.

NeoVu Features

Custom UI

Maintain company branding with a custom look and feel for your audience

Augmented Reality

Bring engagement to the next level through the use of AR

Custom Links

Send your customer wherever you need through the use of custom links


Drive traffic to a physical location by geofencing your Vu

VuPoints & Rewards

Gamify your business by creating a reward system custom to your business


Track client usage and performance through custom analytics