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Tools used

HTML, CSS, Javascript
React Native, Expo

Basic info

The connectED team is comprised of a team of UCF administrators and educators. With their expertise, they reached out to Neoware in hopes of developing a platform that would bring philanthropic opportunities to the masses. With some creativity and development work, we came together to create the connectED mobile application and website.

  • Design
  • Web Development
  • App Development

“The Neoware team went above and beyond software development, they helped us grow our business.”

Brenda Thompson

CEO of connectED

The connectED
Journeyâ €

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The connectED application was developed as a way to provide a mobile, user-friendly platform for volunteers to choose how to donate their time, talent, and resources to reinvest in communities. Led by a team of UCF administrators and educators, the goal was not simply to create an app, but instead reach the community.
After developing the application, the focus shifted to how we would now present it to the public. Our main goal at Neoware was to display the most prominent elements of the application in a very clean and minimalistic manner. This was achieved by breaking up the sections on the site with simplified explainers of the application features.
Mobile Application

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