Melissa Anato
Host/Interior Designer

Tools used

Unity, Blender, Sketch, ARkit, ARcore, ARFoundations

Basic info

Our client, a national home renovation network, presented us with a very unique opportunity, adding AR to a newly renovated home. Working closely with the lead decorator and host, we sought out to create an immersive experience for the home’s dragon design.

  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D Modeling
  • Design
  • Sound

“They did such amazing work bringing the home to life! Everything looked so amazing when it was showcased!

Melissa Anato

Host/Interior Designer

The Dragon's Den

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With a heavy focus on providing the next level experience in the renovated home, our clients wanted to ensure we could create something new. With this in mind, we immediately came together on creating a plan that would see the use of augmented reality to bring a real dragon to the den. Thanks to inspiration from the client’s team, we were off to work.
In order to fulfill their vision, the team created high-quality 3D models to display in augmented reality. Models were created ranging from knights, dragons, and more. Next, the team added elements of animation and sound effect. While also giving users the ability to manipulate the size and placement of models. In the end, the client loved the high quality of the application and ease of use during production and filming.
Augmented Reality
3D Models
Medieval Time

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