Real Estate Technology for Every Buyer and Broker

Augmented reality is the latest buzz, bringing computer-generated imagery and environments into the real world, captivating audiences and gamifying everyday life. Industries of all varieties are employing this new-age technology, but perhaps the most impressive utilization of it is in the real estate sector. Augmented reality is taking the real estate world by storm, assisting brokers with a more timely sale/rental of their listed properties. AR puts the buyer at a great advantage as well, adding ease to the visualization of potential homes and the fixtures and decor inside of them.

A Marketing Phenomenon

Broker’s are saving time, energy, and money by bringing augmented reality into their sales and marketing strategy. AR allows an agent to reach a vast number of potential clients by allowing them access to a greater visual of properties without ever needing to leave the comfort of their home. A broker can now augment their printed materials that they give to their clients, be it a brochure or listing portfolio, to superimpose floor plans and give three dimensional, interactive home tours to clients via an AR app. This is an ideal solution for a broker that may not be able to meet with a client at a specific time or a couple that is looking for a home while working conflicting schedules.

Staging is essential during the selling process. Homeowners and listing agents can pay to have their home staged to create a more tasteful impression of the property, thus drawing a larger amount of interest. According to The Real Estate Staging Association, staging a home helps it sell 73% faster. But this service comes at a premium price. By using augmented reality to “stage” a home without physically needing to put any furniture and decor into it, buyer’s get a visual for how the home will look after they move in and design the space. With augmented reality, you can avoid the large cost of staging by using custom interior design apps to get the visual buyer’s want to see before they jump on a home.

Power Moves Made Possible

The real estate market is soaring right now and the competition to be the first to put down an offer on a house/property is fierce. If you don’t act quickly, you may just find yourself settling for second best. AR allows buyers to tour a home from anywhere and make an offer on the home sight-unseen, putting you a step ahead of the competition. What was once an incredibly risky move on a buyer’s end is now becoming a relatively popular and routine action.

As it stands, 95% of home buyers look for listings online, while 51% actually purchase their homes/properties that way, according to The National Association of Realtors Research. AR is becoming the new way for agents to market their listings, and buyer’s to visualize what could be their potential home. Real estate agents are adapting to the times, incorporating the technology and seeing a greater and faster return on their time invested in selling a property.

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