Why Slack is a Must in the Workplace

“Slack gives your team the power and alignment you need to do your best work.”

Slack, a team collaboration platform, has made its way into thousands of professional ecosystems. With more than 10 million users daily, companies of all shapes, sizes, and trades are on Slack, making communication a breeze and enriching stronger bonds within the workplace. In this era of perpetually evolving technological, productivity is increasing from every corner of the planet. Facilitating this productivity, Slack is making it easier to communicate and collaborate with your team — from the next office over to any remote location around the world.

What’s The Hype About?

Setting it aside from other communication tools, Slack offers a user-friendly, interactive, and frankly, fun way to communicate with one another. When you log in, you’re greeted kindly by Slackbot, a robotic being that can basically do tasks for you! You can ask Slackbot any questions you may have about the software and it will answer; of course with a disclaimer that says “I’ll try to be helpful, but I’m still just a bot, sorry!” How awesome is that?

Interestingly enough, slack isn’t just the perfect tool for instant messaging and cute little robotic greetings. It’s your entire professional life organized in one place. You’ll never miss an appointment again as your google calendar will automatically be entered into your dashboard, keeping you on top of your time management and leading to greater productivity. As for assigning tasks, it’s never been easier. Asana can be added to your dashboard as well, giving you the ability to assign tasks to your employees and colleagues. A multitude of other extensions can be added to your Slack dashboard, giving you access to every aspect of your work life using a single application.

We ❤ Slack

At Neoware Studios, we’re encouraging our employees and coworking members to use slack daily. Our unique village of entrepreneurs and team members have the ability to communicate with one another through direct messaging, or designated channels to reach a greater number of people. We’ve created a slack channel for just about every area of our business to make it easy to connect with anyone, anytime.

Executives and employees of Neoware, our software development firm, use slack as a team collaboration tool. Every day, our talented team of developers and designers are working cohesively toward common goals. Slack facilitates the achievement of these goals. Together, they use it to give feedback, shout out ideas, resolve issues, and even give praise and encouragement to one another. At Neoware Studios, we emphasize the value of community and seeing our team bond and work productively through this platform is why we use it in the first place.

Having strategically placed our inspired coworking space in a retail center, we’ve created a slack workspace for our Oviedo Mall neighbors as well. Members and store owners love the perk of using slack to communicate with the other businesses in the mall and collaborate with one another on projects they made need assistance with. Our coworking members and mall neighbors are leveraging free advertising for their business by using the #everyone channel in slack to post any sales, promotions, or new products they may have to offer.

We are all about community and Slack is an amazing tool for communicating and working productively with that community. Slack is helping us stay on top of tasks, announcements, appointments, and so much more. This communication tool is an absolute must-have in any business!

“Teams of every size, shape, and kind have already made Slack the place where their work happens.”

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